What does clipe mean in scotland?

Edward Fadel asked a question: What does clipe mean in scotland?
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The Scots word 'clipe' is one of those curious elements of the Caledonian tongue which is both a noun and a verb at the same time. To clipe on someone means to 'tell on them', or 'grass them up' - usually to the teacher. Those who indulge in the act of cliping on someone are often referred to simply as a 'clipe'.


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💰 What does scotland mean?

The land of the Scots. The Scots were people from Ireland who settled in west Scotland.

💰 What does indictment mean scotland?

Related Content. The court document that sets out criminal charges where the offences are to be dealt with in solemn proceedings. An accused person will be said to be charged "on indictment". Less serious offences are dealt with in summary proceedings.

💰 What does scotland yard mean?

  • Scot′land Yard′. n. 1. a street in London, England: formerly the site of the London police headquarters, which were removed in 1890 to a Thames embankment ( New Scotland Yard).

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What does lumber mean in scotland?

LUMBER, n. A relationship with someone of the opposite sex; a girlfriend or boyfriend.Sc. 1992 Herald 14 Nov 2: For the tiresomely fashionable, it is not a place [the disco], if you will excuse an old-fashioned phrase, "to get a lumber".

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What does minge mean in scotland?

minge in British English

(mɪndʒ ) noun British vulgar, slang. the female genitals.

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What does nae mean in scotland?

Nae means no.

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What does och mean in scotland?

Irish & Scottish. —used to express regret or surprise.

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What does scotland mean in french?

Scotland is translated ' l'Ecosse ' in French

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What does scotland mean in gaelic?

'Scotland' is not a word in Gaelic; it's in English.

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What does deferred sentence mean in scotland?

  • Deferred sentence in Scottish Law When the final decision about any punishment is deferred or put off to another date, usually three to 12 months later. This is an advance summary of a forthcoming entry in the Encyclopedia of Law. Please check back later for the full entry.

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What does rateable value mean in scotland?

What is rateable value? The Scottish Assessors give all non domestic property in Scotland a rateable value, which is a legally defined valuation of a property, broadly based on an analysis of annual rental values.

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What does thank you mean in scotland?

Thank you in Scotland means the same as it does in other English speaking countries, it means thank you.

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What does the unicorn mean in scotland?

The Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.

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What does under offer mean in scotland?

A property is labelled Under Offer when a solicitor has made an offer on behalf of their client and if suitable, the seller's solicitor accepts it in writing. STCM is a term used in Scotland and means that once offers are made and accepted the house is Sold Subject to Conclusion of Missives. 5. Closing date.

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What does it mean to have disclosure scotland?

  • Disclosure means sharing sensitive personal information. Disclosure Scotland checks and shares information about people's criminal records. This helps organisations to employ the right people for certain types of work, like working with children or protected adults.

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What does scotland the brave mean in german?

  • Scotland the Brave (in schottischem Gälisch Alba an Aigh) ist neben "Flower of Scotland" und "Scots Wha Hae" eine der drei inoffiziellen Nationalhymnen Schottlands. Sie wird als schottische Nationalhymne bei den Commonwealth Games verwendet.

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What does the dragon banner mean in scotland?

Well, the Dragon Banner is essentially England's war flag during times of battle. The flag itself, a scarlet red dragon on a black flag, is fearsome.

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What does the word cunt mean in scotland?

A Scottish guide to the word cunt. Good cunt = nice person Daft cunt = silly person Thick cunt = stupid person Bunch of cunts = Tories That cunt = Him/her Total cunt = Nigel Farage Kick his cunt in = Fight that man Ooo ya cunt ye = that's sore.

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What does the word hill mean in scotland?

  • Hill - A hill is a word normally used to describe a mountain, but in Scotland can be used to describe even the slightest of slopes. Example: The shops are just up the hill.

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Does pence mean coin in scotland?

A pence is a denomination of coin in the UK. 1 pence being 1/100 of £1. Similar to a cent in the USA being part of a dollar.

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What does a sheriff court decree mean in scotland?

  • Sheriff court decrees on debt. A decree is a formal order from the court saying you must pay money to a creditor. If the court issues a decree and you have been given time to pay, your creditor can take action to recover their money. The enforcement of debt following court action in Scotland is called diligence.

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What does indictment - part heard trial mean in scotland?

An indictment is a court document which sets out the charges against the accused in solemn (more serious) cases. Accused people are said to be charged 'on indictment' in solemn cases. Solemn cases on indictment are heard before a jury. Less serious charges are brought 'on summary complaint'.

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What does it mean to be sectioned in scotland?

  • The law in Scotland and Northern Ireland differs slightly – there are some links below. The basic principles are similar. ** What does the term ‘sectioned’ mean? ‘Sectioned’ is a commonly used term that refers to someone who is detained under a section of the Mental Health Act in a psychiatric hospital.

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What does total migration to or from scotland mean?

  • Total migration includes all migration to or from an area. For Scotland this would include moves to and from the rest of the UK and moves to and from overseas whilst for an administrative area (Council or NHS Board) it would also include moves to and from other such areas in Scotland.

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What does it mean to be a campbell in scotland?

  • Campbells are a Scottish family and, with Clan Donald, now one of the two largest Highland clans. The origins of the male line ancestors of the Campbells are Celtic, likely from the Britonic Celts based upon Alcluit, later known as Dun Briton and now spelled Dumbarton, on the Clyde.

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What does it mean to be a laird in scotland?

  • The designation does not entitle the owner to sit in the House of Lords and is the Scottish equivalent to an English squire, in that it is not a noble title, more a courtesy designation meaning landowner with no other rights assigned to it.

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What does it mean to be a member of scotland?

  • Scotland’s membership is a care experienced community creating belonging and achieving change in Scotland and the world, as part of a movement of Care Experienced People.

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