What area code in glasgow is 0141 239?

Adaline Volkman asked a question: What area code in glasgow is 0141 239?
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💰 What area of glasgow scotland has telephone numbers beginning with 0141 381?

UK telephone area code 0141 is Glasgow and surrounding areas. A number beginning with 0141 381 may be located anywhere in the 0141 Glasgow area; it is not restricted to any specific district or suburb.

💰 What area of glasgow scotland has telephone numbers beginning with 0141 530?

A UK number beginning with 0141 530 could be anywhere in Glasgow. No more specific geographic data is available.

💰 What area of glasgow scotland has telephone numbers beginning with 0141 533?

0141 533 is a "geographic virtual prefix," meaning that the numbers can be assigned anywhere throughout the greater Glasgow 0141 area.

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Glasgow is UK telephone area code 0141. A number beginning with 0141 239 could be located anywhere in the Glasgow area; it is not associated with any particular neighbourhood or district.

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What is the best area to stay in glasgow?

  1. Glasgow Central, best area to stay in Glasgow…
  2. Glasgow East, academically-oriented area with some touristic attractions…
  3. West End, great neighborhood where to stay in Glasgow…
  4. Glasgow South, one of the best areas to stay in Glasgow…
  5. North West, gateway to the highlands.

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What is the telephone area code for edinburgh?

The area code for Edinburgh is 0131. Edinburgh phone numbers are seven digits long, giving a total number length of 11 digits when dialling within the United Kingdom. For example: 0131 496 0018. From outside the United Kingdom, the country code +44 should be used, with the inital '0' of the 0131 number removed. For example: +44 131 496 0018. Note: Edinburgh is not in England, it is in Scotland. These are different countries, although both are within the United Kingdom.

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What area of glasgow did malcolm young grow up in?

He and his family are from Cranhill in Glasgow

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What is the area of roman catholic archdiocese of glasgow?

The area of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Glasgow is 1,165 square kilometers.

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Is there a smoking area at glasgow airport?

  • There are no designated areas beyond the security checkpoints at Glasgow Airport. For smokers, vapers and heated tobacco users there are dedicated areas outside the airport before heading into the terminal building.

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Where is the milton area of glasgow located?

  • Milton is a district in the Scottish city of Glasgow, situated north of the River Clyde. The housing scheme is about 2.5 miles north of Glasgow City Centre and forms part of the northern edge of the city's urban area.

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Which is the best shopping area in glasgow?

  • Buchanan Street is the main pedestrianised shopping area, connecting Sauchiehall Street and Argyle Street, all lined with big names you’d expect from the great British high street. Ingram Street in the Merchant City is known as the designer boulevard while the East is home to some great weekend markets and independent traders. 10. Dear Green Place

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Which is the most dangerous area of glasgow?

  • Within Glasgow itself the term 'Gorbals kiss' is often used, referring to the most dangerous area of Glasgow. It is hypothesised that within Gorbals it is known as a Crown Street kiss; and on Crown Street it is called a Number 73 kiss; and at Number 73 it is known as Steve's kiss.

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Which is the safest area to live in glasgow?

  • Many local recommend avoiding certain parts of the city. For example, the surrounding areas of Possil and Springburn may have gang activities. Other areas that some people consider unsafe include nearby Lambhill, the small town of Cadder and the Maryhill area. Some parts of the immediate city may also be less than safe.

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What is glasgow?

Glasgow is a major Scottish city on the banks of the River Clyde.

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Where in scotland is area code 01612?

UK telephone area code 0161 is in that famous part of Scotland called "Manchester, England."

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What league glasgow warriors?

edinburgh scotland

Glasgow Warriors are one of the two professional rugby union sides from Scotland. The team plays in the United Rugby Championship league and in the European Professional Club Rugby tournaments.

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What size is glasgow?

  • According to the United States Census Bureau , Glasgow has a total area of 15.5 square miles (40.2 km 2), of which 15.4 square miles (40.0 km 2) is land and 0.077 square miles (0.2 km 2), or 0.53%, is water.

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Why is glasgow named glasgow?

Glasgow means "Dear Green Place" in (I think?) Gealic (If that is how you spell it???)

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How to call from canada to scotland area code?

  • Instructions to dial from Canada to Scotland. Dial 011 + 44 + Area Code + Local Phone Number. 011 is the International Prefix used to dial out of Canada.

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What transport takes you from glasgow center to glasgow airport?

There are regular buses to the airports from Buchanan bus station. Type Buchanan bus station into google for info.

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Is it pronounced glasgow or glasgow?

Of course Glaswegians, and the majority of Scots we would like to think, pronounce it as 'Glaz-go', just as ABBA did in the famous line off their Super Trouper (to rhyme with 'last show').

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What attractions are in glasgow?

Glasgow has the largest shopping district in the UK outside of London. Popular shopping destinations in the city include Buchanan Street, St Enochs and Argyle Street. There is also the Glasgow Science Centre, the largest in Scotland, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the Riverside Transport Museum which should open soon, there's the Pacific Quay which has a large cinema, a bowling alley, bingo, casino and restaurants, and in Motherwell there is the theme park M&Ds which can be easily accessed by rail from Glasgow to Motherwell and a bus to the park.

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What city is glasgow in?

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland.

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What country is glasgow in?

Glasgow is in Scotland.

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What county is glasgow in?

It is not now in any county. Until 1975 The City of Glasgow was a county, but the current Glasgow City unitary council area is slightly different (some might say more than slightly).

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What is a glasgow coma?

  • The Glasgow Coma Scale ( GCS) is a neurological scale which aims to give a reliable and objective way of recording the state of a person's consciousness for initial as well as subsequent assessment. A person is assessed against the criteria of the scale, and the resulting points give a person's score between 3...

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What is a glasgow score?

  • The Glasgow Outcome Score (GOS) is a scale of patients with brain injuries, such as cerebral traumas that groups victims by the objective degree of recovery. The first description was in 1975 by Jennett and Bond. The Glasgow Outcome Score applies to patients with brain damage allowing the objective assessment of their recovery in five categories.

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