Is uber cheaper than a taxi in edinburgh?

Vidal Jerde asked a question: Is uber cheaper than a taxi in edinburgh?
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Uber is also NOT always cheaper than a taxi or private hire, because of its surge pricing Uber can be more expensive (at New Year there are reports of Uber charging double the already-double-tariff minicab rates). Taxi / minicab metered rates are set by the council and rigorously enforced.


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💰 Is uber cheaper than taxi in glasgow?

Uber claim their fares are cheaper than traditional taxi companies… The company takes around 20% of the fare for listing the driver as part of their service.

💰 Has edinburgh got uber?

Edinburgh: Get a ride. Travel. Explore.

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Edinburgh. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

💰 Can you use uber in edinburgh?

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Edinburgh. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

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How much is a taxi from edinburgh to glasgow?

Taking an taxi from Edinburgh (EID) Airport is the easiest and most comfortable way to get to Glasgow. Your airport transfer to Glasgow takes around 45 minutes in light to normal traffic and costs around €65 (£58), depending on your final destination within the city.

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Is belfast bigger than edinburgh?

No. Edinburgh is bigger than Belfast.

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Is edinburgh better than glasgow?

Glasgow is far bigger that Edinburgh and not as "touristy". It's got great shopping and loads of pubs/clubs. It's well known for it's architecture and it's (free) museums and galleries. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and has a snaller, more compact city centre.

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Is edinburgh bigger than dublin?

With two incomes, Dublin is quite liveable, and extremely enjoyable. It's bigger than Edinburgh, there's a fantastic vibe to the city, the friendliness is unparallaled, it's a young and trendy place, and it's your gateway to discovering the extraordinarily beautiful Emerald Isle that is Ireland.

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Is edinburgh bigger than london?

Nowhere near, London is the largest city in the UK, Edinburgh is only the 7th, Glasgow is larger than Edinburgh, London is 1,623 sq km and Edinburgh is only 259 sq km.

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Is edinburgh colder than london?

You rarely need summer clothes in Edinburgh and the temperature rarely exceeds 17 degrees. London, on the other hand, has much more sunshine and overall, the temperature is usually 3-7 degrees higher than in Edinburgh… Also, London is not as cold in winter.

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Is edinburgh further than glasgow?

Edinburgh might only be about 45 miles from Glasgow, but the weather there is markedly different.

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Is glasgow warmer than edinburgh?

GLASGOW is also warmer, the West Coast city enjoys average temperatures which are far warmer than Edinburgh, the capital is also quite exposed to the Easterly Winds which increase the chill factor.

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How much is a taxi from edinburgh airport to city?

  • Taking an EDI airport taxi to Edinburgh city centre is a very comfortable and quick transfer option. There are no flat rate fees for the "black cabs" at Edinburgh airport, which brings the price to around €26 (£23) using a taximeter. The trip to Edinburgh city centre should not take more than 25 minutes in normal traffic conditions.

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How much is a taxi from glasgow airport to edinburgh?

Getting a taxi from Glasgow to Edinburgh with us will cost you roughly £60-£100 depending on the size of vehicle booked, as well as whether or not you're travelling at standard or night fares. Your journey will last for about an hour.

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Is there a taxi from edinburgh airport to city centre?

  • They are readily available 24/7 and offer quick transfers to the city. Taxis at Edinburgh (EDI) Airport don’t have a flat rate fee to get to the city centre, meaning that you will end up paying much more than you expected when travelling during the holidays, rush hour or at night.

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Is it cheaper to fly or train to edinburgh?

Car travel is the most expensive option if you are travelling solo, however. What might come as a surprise to some is the fact that the cost of flying compares favourably to travelling by train - indeed, it's often cheaper.

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Is it cheaper to stay in glasgow or edinburgh?

Hotels in Edinburgh come at one price: expensive. In the centre of Glasgow they are much cheaper and just as good. The West End of Glasgow has some great bars and cheap, but excellent places to eat. Anything on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, or the Old Town or Rose Street will skin you.

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Which is cheaper to fly to glasgow or edinburgh?

  • Glasgow International Airport is a great airport, but there is a cheaper option -- Edinburgh Airport. It's 42 miles away and flights are being booked 21% cheaper over the coming two months. How long do most people stay in Glasgow?

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Is glasgow further north than edinburgh?


[Edit] No, Edinburgh is further north. However, there is not much in it: Glasgow is 55°51' north and Edinburgh is 55°57'.

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How much bigger is glasgow than edinburgh?


RankUrban sub-areaPopulation
1Greater Glasgow985,290

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Is glasgow a bigger city than edinburgh?

Glasgow will still be a bigger city than Edinburgh in 20 years' time. It is Scotland's largest and only truly metropolitan city, and contrary to a prediction by Edinburgh City Council chief executive Andrew Kerr it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

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Is stirling castle older than edinburgh castle?

  • Stirling castle is built on a formation of quartz-dolerite rock which is around 350 million years old. This was subsequently modified by glaciation to form a "crag and tail" just like Edinburgh castle 32 miles away. Despite various claims there is no archaeological

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How much does it cost to take a taxi to edinburgh airport?

  • Taxis at Edinburgh airport don't have a flat rate fee into the city centre, instead, they work out the price using a taximeter based on the distance travelled. Your final fee may vary slightly but will be around 22.83€ (£20).

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How much is a taxi from edinburgh train station to the airport?

The quickest way to get from Edinburgh Waverley Station to Edinburgh Airport (EDI) is to taxi which costs £27 - £35 and takes 18 min.

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