Is the who cares scotland helpline still open?

Burnice Effertz asked a question: Is the who cares scotland helpline still open?
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  • Scotland Helpline is open Monday-Friday, 12pm-4pm. All of our physical office spaces are now closed but we continue to be available by phone: 0141 226 4441 and email: [email protected] Need advocacy?


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💰 Are flights still leaving scotland?

Scotland's airports have become mini ghost towns as more airlines join the list of companies grounding aircraft. But planes are still flying to and from Scotland's airports and terminals remain in operation, if increasingly scaled-down.

💰 Is jason scotland still married?

Yes he is

💰 Are there still clans in scotland?


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Are pound notes still legal tender in scotland?

£1 notes are now rarely used. The Royal Bank was the last bank in Scotland to issue £1 notes, and stopped production in 2001. In 2015, a new series of polymer banknote was introduced by the Royal Bank, replacing its Ilay series £5 and £10 notes.

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Are there any castles still standing in scotland?

Apparently, the oldest castle still standing in Scotland that can be dated is Castle Sween. It was built in the 1100s along the eastern shore of Loch Sween, in Knapdale, Argyll. The oldest continuously inhabited castle in the country though is Dunvegan Castle, the ancestral home of Clan MacLeod for over 800 years.

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Can you still get 5% mortgages in scotland?

Are 5% deposit mortgages available in Scotland? Yes! Although 95% LTV and 5% deposit mortgages virtually disappeared from the Scottish market during the coronavirus pandemic, the situation has since changed.

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Can you still use pound notes in scotland?

scotland plc new scottish pound

English banknotes aren't legal tender in Scotland. Scottish notes aren't legal tender in England or Scotland. Debit cards, cheques and contactless aren't legal tender anywhere.

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How many castles are still standing in scotland?

This architectural trend culminated in the Scottish Baronial style of the 19th century. There have been well over two thousand castles in Scotland, although many are known only through historical records.

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In 2009 does scotland still use the pound?

Yes, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom which uses the British Pound as it's official currency. The United Kingdom is not part of the European Union, which uses the Euro.

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Are the banks in scotland open today?


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How to open bank account in scotland?

Procedures for opening a current bank account

  1. proof of identity (valid passport)
  2. current photo.
  3. proof of UK address with the form of a utility bill that has been issued within the last 3 months.
  4. details of your current employment, your income or your savings (including those in your home country)

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Are banknotes issued by the bank of scotland valid still?

Yes. See the link below.

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Can you still use old 20 pound notes in scotland?

Yes, you are still be able to use the paper £20 note until they are withdrawn them from circulation… The exact date on which the old notes will expire has not yet been announced, but such dates are usually revealed at least six months in advance, to give you plenty of time to get rid of your old notes.

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Can you still use old 5 pound notes in scotland?

Following the successful launch of polymer £5 and £10 notes by the Scottish note issuing banks, the older paper versions of these notes have actively been removed from circulation. As a result of this, the note issuing banks have recommended a final date of 1st March 2018 for using these notes.

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Does the bank of scotland still issue one pound notes?

No. The Royal Bank of Scotland is the only bank in Scotland which still issues the £1 note, and this has been the case for many years. The Bank of Scotland and Royal Bank of Scotland are two separate banks.

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Is it still illegal to wear a kilt in scotland?

The Dress Act 1746 was part of the Act of Proscription which came into force on 1 August 1746 and made wearing "the Highland Dress" — including the kilt — illegal in Scotland as well as reiterating the Disarming Act.

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Are golf courses open in tier 4 scotland?

It comes after the government confirmed that “outdoor sports courts, outdoor gyms, golf courses, outdoor swimming pools, archery/driving/shooting ranges, riding centres and playgrounds” will not be closed. Individuals will be allowed to meet one other person in a public space outdoors in Tier 4 areas.

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How many care homes are open in scotland?

  • Scotland and Local Authority Level since 2007. Completeness. For the 2019 census, 78% of care homes that were open anytime during financial year 2018/19 submitted at least some data. 82% of care homes that were still open on the last day of the census year (31 March 2019) submitted at least some data.

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What phase will swimming pools open in scotland?

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on 20 August that the country will remain in phase 3 of the easing of lockdown restrictions, but that swimming pools will be able to reopen from Monday 31 August.

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Where does the post office open in scotland?

  • Opening Hours: Post Office, Junction Off Maes Refail And Henryd Road, Aberconwy ... Opening Hours: Post Office, 8-10 John St, Abercwmboi ... Opening Hours: Post Office, High Street, Aberdare ... Opening Hours: Post Office, No 3 Shopping Centre, Aberdare ... Opening Hours: Post Office, Troed Y Byrn, Aberdare ...

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Does scotland still have its own currency as of october 2007?

Scotland's currency is pound Sterling (GBP) the same currency is used throughout the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland) Scotland does however print it's own banknotes which are distinctly different from those used in the rest of the UK, these Scottish notes are in theory widely accepted throughout the UK however some areas do resist the 'foreign' notes. As of October 2007 there are no plans to change this.

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Does the royal bank of scotland open on saturdays?


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Is the airport open in scotland due to snow?

  • AIRPORTS across Scotland are OPENING – but travellers are still facing flight chaos and disruption thanks to the snow. The Beast from the East has been battering the country, bringing the transport network to a halt.

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Is the scotland yard museum open to the public?

  • The Crime Museum (formerly known as the Black Museum with a full official title 'The Crime Museum of Scotland Yard'), founded in 1874, is a collection of criminal memorabilia kept at New Scotland Yard, not open to the public. ^ a b c "Metropolitan Police Service – History of the Metropolitan Police Service".

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What shops are allowed to stay open in scotland?

  • food retailers, including food markets, supermarkets, convenience stores and corner shops.
  • off-licences and licensed shops selling alcohol (including breweries)
  • pharmacies (including non-dispensing pharmacies) and chemists.
  • newsagents.
  • petrol stations.
  • car repair and MOT services.

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Can you still use a royal bank of scotland one pound note?

Although Royal Bank of Scotland banknotes are not legal tender anywhere including Scotland, they are accepted as payment in all of the United Kingdom. This includes the RBS One Pound note.

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