How to get to iona from edinburgh?

Jamaal Bogisich asked a question: How to get to iona from edinburgh?
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There is no direct connection from Edinburgh to Iona. However, you can take the train to Oban, take the drive to Lochaline Ferry Terminal, take the ferry to Fishnish Ferry Terminal, take the drive to Fionnphort Mull Ferry Terminal, then take the ferry to Iona Ferry Terminal.


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💰 How long is the tour from edinburgh to iona?

  • Our Tours to Iona. 5 Day Iona, Mull & Skye Minicoach Tour from Edinburgh. 5 days to enjoy Mull, Iona, Staffa and the Isle of Skye. Also includes Loch Lomond, Eilean Donan Castle, Glencoe and Loch Ness for the best of Scotland.

💰 How long is iona scotland?

How big is the island of Iona in Scotland?

  • Iona lies about 2 kilometres (1 mi) from the coast of Mull. It is about 2 kilometres (1 mi) wide and 6 kilometres (4 mi) long with a resident population of 125. The geology of the island consists mainly of Precambrian Lewisian gneiss with Torridonian sedimentary rocks on the eastern side and small outcrops...

💰 Is iona a scottish island?

Yes it is in scotland.

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Distance from edinburgh to dumfries?

73.4 miles

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Distance from edinburgh to dundee?

About 60 miles.

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Distance from edinburgh to melbourne?

The total distance from Edinburgh, United Kingdom, to Melbourne, Australia, is 10,505 miles or 16,906 kilometres.

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Where fly to from edinburgh?

What airlines fly into Edinburgh?

  • Airlines that fly from Edinburgh to London. Four airlines fly from Edinburgh to London: British Airways, Easyjet, Flybe and Ryanair. British Airways fly to London-Gatwick and London-Heathrow, and London-City with BA CityFlyer. Easyjet fly to Luton, Gatwick, and Stansted.

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Which airlines operate from edinburgh?

  • British Airways.
  • Tui.
  • KLM.
  • Eurowings.
  • Iberia Express.
  • Brussels Airlines.
  • Transavia.
  • Air Canada (Rouge)

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How do i get from edinburgh waverley to edinburgh airport?

To get from Edinburgh Gateway to Edinburgh Airport, you can take a direct tram. Edinburgh Waverley tram station is only 2 minutes' walk from the train station and the trams run every 7-10 minutes. A tram ticket costs £5.50 for a single (£3.00 for children ages 5-15) and the tram journey takes 7 minutes.

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How far is edinburgh airport from the center of edinburgh?

Edinburgh airport lies about 12 km (8 miles) to the south of Edinburgh City Centre. The journey time is about 25 minutes by car -- and during rush hours, around 40 minutes (if you're unlucky).

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Where does the train from edinburgh come from?

  • Trains to Edinburgh from England come up the East Coast mainline. Other services come from Glasgow, or from Inverness and Aberdeen in the north of Scotland. Have a look at our table below with some of the most popular routes to Edinburgh, or you can search for other stations in our Journey Planner at the top of the page.

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Why was john smith mp buried on iona in scotland?

John Smith and his family spent countless summer holidays on Iona and it was a place he lovely deeply. His widow said he was at his most happy and relaxed, and they knew the virtually car free environment was safe for their three children. Iona, then, held very special personal memories, but it is also the final resting place of almost 50 kings of Scotland and a fitting place for a lost leader.

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Are theretrains from glasgowto edinburgh airport?

No, but alternatively you can get a train from Glasgow > Edinburgh then get an airport bus. There are signs on the Haymarket train station saying "alight here for airport bus", but you can get airport buses from both Haymarket and Waverly station. In my opinion, getting off at Waverly would be easier, because there are scheduled roadworks for trams at Haymarket, so it may not be obvious where the bus is diverted to. :)

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Cost from edinburgh airport to city?

By Airlink bus: £3.50. By Lothian Buses route 35: £1.20. By taxi: about £20.00.

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Distance from edinburgh to cape town?

The distance between Edinburgh and Cape Town is 10,218 km as the crow flies

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Distance from edinburgh to cupar fife?

Approximately 45 miles

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Driving distance from edinburgh to sheffield?

About 245 road miles.

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Driving distance from liverpool to edinburgh?

About 220 road miles or 354 km.

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Driving time from edinburgh to dundee?

Comfortably less than 2 hours, unless Edinburgh traffic is extra-heavy.

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Driving time from edinburgh to glasgow?

An hour, if you drive fast you could probably do it in 40 mins!!

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Flight time from heathrow to edinburgh?

2:30 hours

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Flight time to fuerteventura from edinburgh?

The flight time from Edinburgh in Scotland, UK, to the Spanish island of Fuerteventura is approximately 4 hours and 12 minutes. The total distance is about 3193.15 km or 1984 miles. The flight time is approximate. Factors such as weather conditions could alter the length of the flight.

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How far from edinburgh to bannerfield?

The centre of Edinburgh to Bannerfield, Blairgowrie is 72 miles. It should take approx. 1 hour 50 minutes to drive. Longer if you stop for a break or to refuel on route.

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How far from edinburgh to beijing?


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How far from edinburgh to dunkeld?

About 58 miles on the M90

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How far from edinburgh to inverness?

157.1 miles (252.8 km)

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How far from glasgow to edinburgh?

51.4 miles

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