How far edinburgh to london by train?

Malvina Schulist asked a question: How far edinburgh to london by train?
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💰 Is london to edinburgh train scenic?

there is basically only one route from London King's Cross to Edinburgh, and yes it is scenic, the further north you go the better it gets but from Newcastle onwards it is worth the trip.

💰 How far is edinburgh from london by train?

  • Edinburgh to London by train The train journey time between Edinburgh and London is around 4h 45m and covers a distance of around 392 miles. The fastest train normally takes 4h. Operated by LNER and Avanti West Coast, the Edinburgh to London train service departs from Edinburgh and arrives in London Kings Cross.

💰 How much is edinburgh to london by train?

  • It takes an average of 5h 20m to travel from London to Edinburgh ( Waverley ) by train, over a distance of around 332 miles (534 km). There are normally 41 trains per day travelling from London to Edinburgh (Waverley) and tickets for this journey start from £27 when you book in advance. London to Edinburgh (Waverley) train times

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Edinburgh is just under 400 miles from London. Fast train services from London's King's Cross station take around 4 hours to reach Edinburgh.

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Is there a high speed train from london to edinburgh?

  • Direct high-speed Virgin Trains East Coast run by Virgin Rail Group depart from Kings Cross station in London and take you to the Central station in Edinburgh in about 4.5 hours reaching the maximum speed of 125 mph. There are up to 14 daily departures depending on the weekday.

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How long is the journey from london to edinburgh by train?

The average journey time by train between London and Edinburgh (Waverley) is 5 hours and 20 minutes, with around 41 trains per day. The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays, so use our Journey Planner on this page to search for a specific travel date.

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How long is the train from edinburgh to london kings cross?

  • Trains leave London Kings Cross every hour or at times every half-hour 07:00-19:00 and arrive at Edinburgh Waverley, right in the centre. Fastest journey 4 hours, typical journey 4h20, it varies.

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Is it better to fly or train from london to edinburgh?

The quickest way is to fly. But because of travel time to and from the airports and airport security, flying will only save you a little time (40 minutes to 1.5 hours) over taking a high-speed direct train. So those looking for fastest options should check out flying or taking a direct train.

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Is it cheaper to fly or train from london to edinburgh?

Generally speaking, unless you happen to be located close to an airport at both ends, for journeys between London and Edinburgh the train is easier and quicker. It may be cheaper, it may not, but for frequency, comfort, and convenience it will beat flying almost all of the time.

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Edinburgh to london walk?

You can if you really want to. It's about 400 miles.

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How long does it take to travel by train from london to edinburgh?

How long does it take to get from London to Edinburgh by train? The train from London to Edinburgh takes around 5 hours 57 minutes.

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What is the best way to travel by train from london to edinburgh?

The best way to figure out how to travel by train from London to Edinburgh would to be to visit a trip adviser. You could try a website, you could check times trains run from those areas and how it will work with your schedule.

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Is edinburgh bigger than london?

Nowhere near, London is the largest city in the UK, Edinburgh is only the 7th, Glasgow is larger than Edinburgh, London is 1,623 sq km and Edinburgh is only 259 sq km.

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Is edinburgh colder than london?

You rarely need summer clothes in Edinburgh and the temperature rarely exceeds 17 degrees. London, on the other hand, has much more sunshine and overall, the temperature is usually 3-7 degrees higher than in Edinburgh… Also, London is not as cold in winter.

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Is edinburgh train station near edinburgh airport?

The main Edinburgh train station is Edinburgh Waverley. It is not close to the airport. In fact there are no train stations close to the airport. The closest station is Edinburgh Haymarket. There are airport express buses (known as 'airlink' buses) which run from both Edinburgh train stations every 10 minutes or so throughout the day to the airport for £3-£5.

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How far is edinburgh waverley train station to edinburgh haymarket train station?

By Train it takes about 15 minutes. On foot it's 1.4 miles. By Road it's 1.8 miles.

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Flight distance between edinburgh and london?

The flight distance from Edinburgh Airport to London Heathrow Airport is 332 miles / 534 km

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How long is london from edinburgh?

About 400 miles

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Is edinburgh a part of london?

No. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland (northern UK). London is the capital city of England (southern UK).

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What direction is edinburgh of london?

North. London is in England and Edinburgh is in Scotland. If you look on a map of the United Kingdom you will see that Scotland is north of England.

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Where is thames river edinburgh london?

The Thames goes through London, England. Edinburgh is in Scotland, not England.

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Does london oyster card work in edinburgh?

  • Unfortunately, you can't use a London Oyster card in Edinburgh. The London Oyster card is for use around the city of London and its outskirts only. How much is a London Oyster card? You will be charged a £5 refundable deposit when you purchase a London Oyster card.

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How far is london to edinburgh scotland?

About 400 miles.

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How to get from london to edinburgh?

Head South 400 miles.

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